At Lyles’ Independent Financial Advice Ltd (Lyles’ IFA), we can advise you on a wide range of financial planning areas, encompassing Pensions and Retirement, Investments and Insurance products. We will give tailored advice appropriate to your needs and objectives.

We provide independent financial advice to clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive advisory model, where we offer to review all areas of a client’s financial planning needs, along with their overall life goals and objectives.

Lyles’ IFA provide unbiased advice based on products from the whole of the market. We can meet you in your home, at your place of work or at a meeting place convenient to you.

We can also offer ongoing financial advice to you and your family throughout your life as your financial needs, objectives, priorities and personal circumstances change. The stages of the advice process you can expect are:

  • Initial consultation – We explain the services on offer and how much these might cost. This initial consultation is completed at our expense and you can decide whether Lyles’ IFA service is suitable for you.

  • Fact-finding – We gather information on your financial circumstances, your goals and aspirations.

  • Research – We analyse your existing policies and research the entire marketplace with a view to identifying the most suitable providers, products and cost effective solutions to meet your needs.

  • Presentation – We inform you of what we believe are the most suitable tailored solutions to meet your financial needs and objectives and why these are the best options. You will be provided with comprehensive product information from the relevant product providers along with clear and transparent details of all initial and ongoing charges, before you are asked to make any purchasing decisions based on our recommendations.

  • Application & review service – Shortly after the acceptance of any recommendation we make, you will be assisted to complete any relevant application forms. You can expect to receive a comprehensive Suitability Report, which will summarise our understanding of your financial situation and objectives and explain what has been recommended and why.

  • Ongoing service – Lyles’ IFA offers an ongoing service in order to maintain and update your plans and objectives regularly.